Who Knew!

By the time you read this we have already moved into our new place but I wanted to share with you a chance meeting in the middle of the move that was super special.

Our new house has a smaller living/dining area and I've been hard at work thinking of solutions for the areas in the new house. Folding chairs, built in bench seat, sectional couch, etc. For downstairs and guests my ideas of a hide-a-bed couch or a murphy bed so I could easily host people overnight with little to no prep.

As I scanned Marketplace I ended up finding a pinstriped hide-a-bed and beautiful wooden fold up chairs from the same lady. 

The very next day we drove the twenty-five minutes out to a charming country home to buy the furniture. The lady who met us remember us from church (I didn't recall her but that made little difference) and I felt instantly welcome by her honest and open personality and sharing. 

They also were in the process of moving closer to town and had two weeks to be out of their country home. As the kids made friends with the lady's many sweet dogs, I ended up listening to her as she shared about how she used to sit behind my husband's truck on her commute to work a few years ago, which happened to be how she currently goes to the church she does (he had a bumper sticker of the church's name on his truck). 

We went on to talk about church some more. The difference between attending to go and feeling connecting. She also shared that her mom passed away last week and she was feeling frustrated and overwhelmed at the idea of moving her dad in with her. Prayer, I thought, She needs prayer.

I spoke my thought out loud and she agreed that we all need prayer. We need to pray for one another because it gives us strength we don't have ourselves. 

As the time came to a close and we were about to leave I said "I'll pray for you". 

"Oh, thank you" the women replied.

Then a prompting in my spirit said, Why not now?

So I was bold and said I could pray for her right then. She was slightly reluctant and I was about to say "Never mind" when she said, "Sure, why not"

And there, in a relative strangers' front yard, in the middle of the country, with little dogs and all my family around me, I prayed out loud for this lady. For peace in moving, for feeling her grief when she feels it and joy when she feels that. For blessings on her and her family and I put all those big things before God to bless this women. It was special and wonderful. 

Photo Credit: billygraham.org

I gave her a hug, we chatted a little more, and off we went.

WHO KNEW that going to pick up furniture would end up being a time of sharing, prayer, and connection.

Mamas, we make a difference, all the time we make a difference but let us keep our eyes and hearts open to not only our own but the people around us as well. Let's be ready to listen even with the toddler pulling at our hand and saying "Mama" a bunch of times. Let us be there to care about someone who is hurting even while we have hurts ourselves. Let's be light and love to all we can in this beautiful, messy life.

We make a difference!

Much love,



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