It's Not The End Of The World...

This blog post is not about current events. 

Well, not about anyone else' current events. It's about life with my baby right now. 

The past six weeks have consisted of breaking his first molars through, then two weeks of a head cold, then breaking his canine teeth through, then a week of horrendous diaper rash (he accidentally was given wheat, it was such a sad, bad reaction!), and now the past few days he has been acting like something else is not making him happy. Another cold? More teeth? I don't know...

I've never been able to get this kid to take a pacifier or a bottle. He occasionally drinks from his sippy cup, but when he is not feeling well, he just wants mama. Mama, mama, and lots of mama. Pretty much 24/7.

You guys, Mama is exhausted!

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Physical touch is not one of my major love languages and I can easily feel "touched out" after a marathon of being pawed and nursed on so frequently. 

"I just need a break. I just wish I could have a break!" I told my husband. I wasn't talking about a few hours to myself. I meant a real break. Last weekend, some other mamas and I had a weekend away, where we went to a bigger city, rented an Air B&B, and did a lot of Christmas shopping. It was so fun and thankfully he wasn't very fussy at the time, but I, of course had the baby with me. For me to go on a trip like that one without him would only be possible if he was weaned. My husband acknowledged that I did need a break, but also that he didn't know how to give me one. I am not wanting to wean. Neither of us are ready for that.

So I've been caring for him the best I can. My husband and big girls are such help, doing everything they can to make things easier for me. I really appreciate it. It's helping me get through this phase.

And that's what it is: a phase. A season. It's not the end of the world. It's not going to last forever. I am doing my job (making him feel better), and doing it well. Even if it is hard on me.

Mommy makes him feel comforted and relaxed.

I'm going to look at this picture in a year (when it pops up on my Facebook memories) and think "Aw! I miss when he was so little!". And I will miss it. Even if it is a tough phase, it is still a precious time in my son's life.

Don't know what phases you are going through with your kid/s right now, mama, but I wanted to remind you that it wont last forever. You will get through it! And in the meantime, just keep on with your awesome mommying. 

Love ya!


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