Taking Care of Mom

I was up earlier than I wanted to be today. My toddler is struggling with a cold and even when he was brought to me in bed he was begging for Daddy who had to go to work. It was sad.

I pulled out his favorite show Blippi and we cuddled awhile in bed before my husband came back home... To take care of our son? Nope! He wasn't allowed to go to work because he had some covid symptoms and was sent home (he was negative).

However, it was a school day and I wanted to start the day and week off right so I sent the toddler downstairs with Dad (normally my oldest takes him) and I got on my leggings and began my exercises. First, core and stretches designed to help strengthen and maintain my back so I can do normal daily activities. Next, the treadmill and a YouTube show for my 20-25minues of walking and hand weights. 

Photo Credit: healthfitnesscritique.com

When I finished I drank some more water, stretched a little more, and got in the shower... All this takes time and I honestly skip certain parts of my self care routine depending on the day and needs of my kids. I feel bad some times taking the time to exercise or do my devotions if the baby got up earlier than normal, or I got up later. I do sometimes skip devotions if it's really late and the kids just need mom to be available.

BUT, I prioritize, despite the changes in schedules and needs, my self care. Taking care of the mama of the house. I need time to pray and gather my thoughts in the morning. I need to exercise and take care of my back or I won't be able to lift my toddler. I need to shower and get dressed and get myself ready for the day (even it takes all morning to get to it).

As mother, we are constantly, and I mean constantly, thinking and prioritizing the needs of our children, as we should. However, we as moms have needs too, and those are also very important to care for. It's not going to look exactly the same every day, at least not for me. I'm not going to be able to do it all every day but I get up and I take some time for me, because as the Mama of this house, I need to take care of me so I can take care of everybody else!

Your needs matter!

Much love,


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