Waiting for Dreams

My husband got a new job! Not just a new job, he pretty much got his dream job. The story is amazing to me.

He has always loved computers. When he was 6 years old his aunt brought him a broken VCR and he took it completely apart. Thus began his love of all things electronics. It continued through his childhood and into teen years. 

Then he did something stupid. He actually tried to steal computers from the school. He got caught. He got kicked out of school. He was running with the wrong crowd. 

Thankfully he was moved to my small town. He met Jesus and cleaned himself up. It's a good thing, because I don't think I would have found him very attractive if I had met him when he was living his former lifestyle. But we fell in love and got married almost 15 years ago. 

Before we got married he got a job at RadioShack. Though the job was mostly retail, he enjoyed the work of fixing electronics that people would occasionally bring in. But RadioShack, as some of you probably know, was destined to close down. Thankfully, my husband was out to lunch and encouraged to apply for a different job before that happened. The next job he was also out to lunch when someone suggested he apply for it. Then he applied for his most recent job and was chosen out of 40 applicants.

Each new job offered higher pay and better benefits. Each new job was a huge blessing to our family, especially when my pain got so bad that I couldn't work. 

But none of these jobs was in my husband's field of passion. 

And then an IT job was created in the company he was already working for. He applied for it, but knew he was severely under qualified. 

Then COVID hit the nation and the hiring process was put on hold. Other applicants got jobs elsewhere. He was encouraged by his coworkers to take a certification to get that on his resume. We spent the month of September pretty much separated from each other, as he spent every moment he wasn't working or sleeping studying for his tests. He passed the tests and was scheduled for an interview.

The day of the interview he found out that 2 of the remaining 5 job applicants had decided not to interview. The other 2 did theirs over the phone. He was the only in person applicant. He was brutally honest about his under qualification and also about his passion in the field and dedication to the company. Just a few hours later he was told that he got the job. 

I am telling you all this because I want to encourage you, mama. What have you been waiting for?

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 My husband has realized that he had unconsciously decided that he didn't deserve a job in his field of interest. That is why he had never pursued continuing his education in IT. 

It took 20 years for a kid who was kicked out of school because of stealing electronics to become the IT guy who just spent this whole last week working on the local high school's computers. 

But those 20 years weren't wasted. Each job he had before was a piece of the foundation that made it possible to get his dream job. 

Sometimes dreams take a long time. Sometimes there is a lot of waiting, a lot of heartache, and lot of frustration. But there is also a lot of learning and growing. Our times in the desert are never wasted. 

I was reminded today that we need to trust in the slow work of God. Read that again. Sometimes it is God's intention to work slowly. And we need to trust that He is still working, even when it doesn't look like anything is happening.

Blessings, mama!



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