I CAN'T Do it All

Did you ever notice that some days just feel like you didn't accomplish ANYTHING at all? I'm sure you feel me on that one.

Yesterday, my husband was home sick from work. I exercised, did my devotions, went on a walk with the family, and tried my hardest to sit down with my oldest and do Language Arts with her. I finally got to sit down with her and it felt like a total bust (see that story HERE). 

I went outside to check on things for a bit. Then I took a nap. :) I did laundry later, I worked on our remodel project a bit, and I cleaned up the house with the kids and did the dishes.

And you know what. I lay down while baby was going to sleep and felt like I'd not done enough. Accomplished nothing. Didn't have a successful day. But WHY?!

The Mental To-Do List.

I rarely make actual To-Do lists anymore. There's honestly WAY TOO much to put on a single list and I need flexibility with my family and schedule. So, why, at the end of a full day do I feel like I didn't do enough?

Because there is always more to do and I couldn't possibly do it all. I can't! I simply can't. I can't be the perfect mom. I can't parent well all the time. I can't fulfill my children's every needs. I can't do all the goals and dreams at the same time, in the same season. I simply can't and I shouldn't.

I am the one in my own way.

I am the one in my head.

I am the one telling myself "You didn't do enough today" and the reality of it is. That's simply NOT true! 

I cared for my family today.
I held my babies today.
I did laundry and dishes today.
I prayed for my family and friends today.
I even made progress on a house project as well.
I did help my daughter with school today.
I did feed my family today.
I DID do enough today.

I, and I would guess maybe you too, need to start counting what I did today instead of just what I didn't do, or even what I shouldn't do today. I can't do it all and what's more, I shouldn't! Because if I really tried to accomplish all I wanted in a day, I wouldn't be paying half of the attention to the people that I'm supposed to be doing them for, I wouldn't take care of myself, and I wouldn't be any of the jobs with excellence if I'm trying to do it all.

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I can't do it all and I shouldn't. 
We need to give ourselves a lot more props for what we DO instead of what we DIDN'T do in our day.

Much love,
You are doing awesome,

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