Never Done that Before

 How was your Christmas? Did you get to see family?

I did. 

Not all my family and not doing the normal family traditions we have in the past but it was really special.

I live fairly close to all of my family so the farthest I've ever traveled for Christmas is three hours to my parents house but usually we stay in town and go to see family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. This year was different.

We were going to be home for Christmas and wanted to have people over to share in our Christmas morning. My sister and her family decided to come. They got to stay for three days and with six little children and four adults in one household it was busy and often loud, but it was so special.

Look at all that red hair. <3

Seeing the cousin connections. My daughters playing with their six year old cousin and my son with his fellow two-year-old as well as four-year old cousin. And I got to spend time with my sister and her husband. We played games, stayed up late, and laughed a lot. Shared good food, told stories, and went for a walk. 

And had an epic dance party downstairs!

Christmas morning was full of six excited children and present opening that went by in a blur. It was truly sweet. I've never had family over to my home for Christmas before and I haven't spent Christmas with my sister's family for such a long time. It was such a special blessing and so much fun!

When the visit was over and they made it home safe they found a nerf gun of ours with them and we found holes from a training warrior princess (aka my niece) all over the playroom walls. You got to laugh.

It was such a special time. I hope you got to have your usual Christmas traditions this year but if not I hope that your new way of celebrating Christmas was just as joyful or maybe even more so then usual.

Much love,


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