I'm So Glad I Was Foolish...

The subject of our last MOPS meeting was gratitude. What a great subject to end a pretty crazy year, and start another year that may be just as crazy.

I have been focusing my thoughts on all the things I am thankful for and there are so many! But one person is especially standing out in my mind this week. That is my 18 month old, Asher.

18 months is a fun age! Every day, he is discovering new things, saying new words, and expanding his understanding. And kids are just so darn cute at this age! Not that 18 months isn't also a hard age. Teething is still a reality, tantrums and tears happen because they are living in the immediate and have to learn the concept of waiting, and then there are sleeping routines that have shifted as they go from two naps to one...

But I'm so thankful to be experiencing the ups and downs of having a toddler! I feel like I especially appreciate it because at one point in my life I wasn't sure if I would ever have a toddler again. 

I wonder what people thought when they heard that my husband and I were expecting Asher. To hear that someone is pregnant with their fifth baby is probably a shocking thing on its own, but when you consider that I was still struggling with chronic pain and no hope of escaping it in sight, that probably made people wonder if we were doing the right thing. They probably thought we were foolish. 

I'm so glad I was foolish!

It is hard to imagine our household without our little boy. His name means "happiness" and "blessing", and he has brought so much of that to us. It was worth all the pain of carrying him, giving birth, and recovery to bring this precious little soul into the world. 

I truly believe that each child is a treasure from heaven. It's an honor and also really humbling that God has chosen us to be the mothers of our children. 

What are you especially thankful for this week, mamas? I would love to hear.

I'm so thankful for you! That you are mothering and loving your children. There are so many babies that don't have that, and desperately need it.

Much love,



  1. My kids, my awesome husband, having friends over, sunshine, hope, growth, the Holy Spirit as my comfort and guide, my new house, house projects, walks as a family, good food.


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