Just Another Day in 2020

 Girls, it has been a day...and the day is just barely halfway through. Yikes!

Maybe it's the weather change? Maybe it's the post-Christmas-blues? Maybe it's hormones? Maybe it's because the baby is still working on those teeeeeeeeth??? Maybe it's because the house is an absolute disaster? Maybe it's because I've been isolating our family since my daughter complained of a sore throat a few days ago, but nothing has come of it so maybe we are ok and don't need to isolate but who knows in 2020???

It's probably all of that and more.

I'm just barely keeping it together. I haven't freaked out and turned into monster mommy, but I've snapped a few times and had to apologize. I've tried resetting the day. I've read my Bible, prayed, listened to a podcast, had a healthy treat...I'm still on the brink of tears. So I put all the kids at the table for a late lunch and went to my room (my house is small enough I can sill hear them, so they are safe) and sat in the dark. Just sat there and tried to think of nothing. Pretty soon my mind started wandering as every thing I set my eye on reminded me of something that I needed to do. Then my eye settled on my vision board.

You can read about the creation of my vision board in this post

As I looked at it, I couldn't help but feel my spirits lift a little. 

2020 has been a year. It has certainly had its fair share of surprises and uncertainty. I know that I have been caught off guard by a lot of the things that have happened. But it hasn't been all bad. 

My vision board reminds me that many of the things I had hoped for this year did actually happen. I had more river days and camping trips. Kept up with my garden better and got quite a few bags and boxes of clutter out of my house. I was able to focus on schooling with the kids because the baby was a little older and we didn't have a lot of extra activities going on.

There are some things that didn't go exactly as planned. Besides the other events that have rocked our world, my surgery was not as successful as I had hoped. But, you know, that is life. We take the bad with the good. 

And every bad day contains some good. My vision board and the family photos on the wall around it remind me of that. And I know that not matter what else happens with the rest of the day, I am a very blessed lady.

I know that when you read this we will already be a few days into 2021 (Happy New Year, by the way), but these reflections were helpful for me today so I thought they may help you, too.

What happened in 2020 that you are thankful for? I would love to hear some positives.  

Blessings in the New Year, mamas!



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