Battle Scars

My kids have issues... Which was blatantly clear the other day. MAJOR crap fest! It was awful. A trigger was hit and what followed was explosive! After things had calmed down my husband and I had a chat. 

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"What can we do? Is there something we're not doing that's needed?" He questioned, wanting to help our kid out in anyway we can.

I went on to explain that our kid is just our kid. There is no magic solution to difficult times. There's no perfect parenting formula that will help make everything better, it is what it is. Our kid is who she is and she has to learn to best work with herself and we get to do our best to help love and support her through it.

"I can't fix our kids". I said later that night. "If I could. I already would." I already would have "fixed" things because I love them more than anything and it pains me to see them struggle. I already would have because I would do anything to give my kids everything, but that's the thing, I can't.

My kids have issues. I have issues. My husband has issues. We all have issues. A line to a song I like says it this way: "It doesn't matter who you are, this world going to leave some battle scars" and it goes on to say "You are not alone, we've all been there. Scars come with living". I love that!

It hurts my heart when my kids struggle but the thing is we all have our struggles, our scars, our strength and our weaknesses. I can't "fix" my kids. I can't hide them away to where they'll never hurt, or fall, or fail. I can't protect them from the scars of simply living in this beautiful but broken world...

So, what can I do?

I can love them. Just as they are, scars and all. They love me just as I am, scars and all. That's what we do when we love people. We all have our crap, but together, we can be stronger in taking on the challenges, struggles, and inner battles we all have to face. 

I want my kids to see love from me no matter what mess has just gone down. I want to help encourage and guide my children to learn how they work and how to best succeed right where they're at. This life is a journey and "no matter who you are, this world going to leave some battle scars" and that is okay because, you are not alone. We've all been there, scars come with living.

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Keep your head up. Love big. Love bold. Hold the ones your care about. Forgive generously and remember, your not alone. Through the ups and the downs. We're not in this alone.

Much love,


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