There is Always Something!

I'm still thinking about thinking...

My blogs last week were basically about being kind to yourself (even/especially in your thought life) and focusing on the truth (even when there is so much conflicting information swirling through the air that it is hard to know what is true). I'm still marinating on these thoughts and this verse from Philippians. 

I learned on Sunday that the "if" in the last part of the verse could actually be more accurately translated as "since". Which reminds me:

There is always something true or noble or lovely or admirable or excellent or praiseworthy to think about. Even on the worst days, even when you are in the darkest night of depression or sorrow, there is always something positive to think on. Always!

This post is going to be short and sweet today. I just want to remind you, dear mamas, to take the time to think on the good things. 

Your mountain of laundry is there because you have dear little people who wear those cute little clothes.

Your stack of dishes needs washed because your family has been blessed with food to eat.

Your smelly bathroom needs scrubbed (again!) because you have precious little boys (with very bad aim). 

Ok, working on that last one, haha. I'm a work in progress!

We are all. 

Love you, mama! Please remember, there is always something to be thankful for! 



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