To the Least of These

I was talking with my 95 year old grandma and mother of 5 awhile back. I start sharing about how we mothers tend to think of our normal jobs and duties as "nothing" and everything beyond that as "an accomplishment". 

As I've shared, having house projects only intensifies that feeling of "not getting anything done". If I have to prioritize the fussy kid and skip getting some visible work done I feel like I haven't got "anything done". 

My Nanna's words were soothing truth, which is her specialty. She talked about how in the Bible Jesus says "If you've fed or clothed the least of these it's as if you've done it to me" (Matthew 25:40). The least of these. Not if you've done something great for someone super important. Not if you've remodeled your whole house or ran a marathon, if you've fed and clothed the least of these. 

Sounds very simple right? Very insignificant maybe? Well, it's not! The God of the universe put value on us doing simple acts of love in our homes. We are doing great things in these little acts.

Want proof?

For a moment, imagine if you DIDN'T do any of the tasks you don't count as "an accomplishment".

Maybe that's getting gas in the car, grocery shopping, dishes, laundry, wiping a boogery nose, changing a diaper, giving a hug when someone is sad or hurt, vacuuming, taking your kid to the doctor, holding them when they cry, or making dinner. What if you didn't do any of that? How would that effect your life and the lives that you take care of? How would that effect the mental, emotional, physical, even spiritual wellbeing of your children if you didn't take care of those basic needs?

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Not something you even want to imagine, is it?

Mamas, I'm so guilty of not counting what I do. Of only feeling really successful if I do something extra or feeling a little bad when I don't do a few of the millions of normal tasks I do. So please remember with me that what you do is of intense value and has life long implications and it's in these simple acts of love that you are changing the future for the better.

You are your child's superhero.
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Don't grow weary with doing good.

Much love,

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