I'M BACK, and Here's Why:

Well, ladies, I'm back. 

Joy here. 

All my pre-scheduled posts have been posted and my break away from blogging has ended.

I have to admit I didn't know if I was going to make it back to blogging. I love the writing. I have continued to write. I love encouraging other moms, and to be honest, it often encourages me, but I still feel overwhelmed. I still feel like I'm at my max while seemingly doing just "normal stuff" of schooling and teaching and training and raising my kids.

It's been exhausting, honestly. My preteens, well, now one is officially a TEENAGER! And my two year old doesn't do really well with my middle child... AND, my blogging time in the mornings is now dedicated to my eldest daughter's schooling because she really needs one-on-one learning.

So, it wasn't really about the blog, it was about me. My limitation.

So, I was stressing about what to do. So I decided to just get a Friday blog up and it was wonderful. Not the work part of it, but reading that blog again, remembering where I was when I wrote it and fully believing that it has tons of protentional to help another mom in her struggle.

That is why I'm back! Because I believe that what I write here can touch your heart, your friend's heart, your family's heart. I believe that what we say and share, the honesty that happens here, counts. So, I'm back. I'm going to stick to my Friday posts and add a Wednesday here and there as I can. 

To you, dear Mama, I ask that you share things with your friends and family when a blog touches your heart. I pray that you will pass on encouragements and foster an atmosphere of openness and bravery in your communities. I ask that you participate as much as your able in carrying the love and encouragement we try to share here with others.

As always, much love from me to you,


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