Not the Women for the Job

Recently, we've been getting our eldest daughter evaluated for special ed classes at our local public school. It's been a process...

First, there was a phone call and lots of emails. Papers signed and enrollment completed and then a series of assessments (and we still haven't completed everything yet). During this process, I got the name of the curriculum that was going to be used for these classes and looked it up online to see if it was going to be a good fit.

As I watched the video of one of these type of classes I saw a rigid, drill style class being held... Along with the information that each class was an hour and a half long! I had a lot of doubts.

I sat down to discuss it with my husband and showed him the class. "Imagine doing that for an hour and a half?" I asked after he was sick of watching it after two minutes. 

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"I wanted an environment that will support and empower her." I said, feeling discouraged. This type of class would not only be discouraging for my daughter but nearly impossible and would stifle her love for learning.

I knew then that what I wanted for my daughter was not what any class could give her or even the best of teachers could give her. "You know where she's going to get that environment" my husband pointedly said and tears came to my eyes.


Here at home is where that empowerment can come. Not that a class wouldn't be beneficial for her reading maybe, but my daughter is NOT her reading level or her struggles, she is a whole person and that whole person needs supported, not just one area. That whole person needs to be uplifted and her strengths focused on, NOT her weaknesses. 

I want for her to feel talented, smart, and strong, which she is! I want her to have her learning style and interests be a focus in her education and I want her to always see her worth.

Though I long for the help and sometimes feel taxed with the duty of teaching my daughter with the amount of repetition and time she needs. That wonderful special ed teacher is not the women for the job, I am.

My daughter and I enjoying doing reading together by the fire.

I was called to uplift my daughter as a whole person. To support her education gently and steadily and give her opportunities to grow into the lady she will become. 

We'll keep pushing forward, looking up, and trying new things and for now, I'm the right women for the job.

Mamas, NO ONE can do the job YOU DO! Hear me on that. You are the women for the job! Not for every job and it's important to reach out and get support as needed, but YOU are the women for the job before anyone else when it comes to empowering your children. When it comes to building their confidence and helping them grow into a strong individual. You are the most impactful teacher they have.

Much love,


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