Peace comes with...

 Peace comes with a strange combination of letting go and pressing forward.

My eldest child has had many struggles in a number of areas over the years. I always noticed that something seemed off with her social understandings and school has always held a lot of struggle for her as well. At times, I'd see improvements when lots of efforts was put forth and I could reason away the differences I saw as just taking time.

It was only recently that we got answers for the root of those struggles. Having answers mixes feelings of loss with feelings of relief and realization.

The greatest thing that answers about my daughter gave me was acceptance, was peace. Understanding of what was going on and better knowledge of who my daughter is.

So, now what? Well, that's where that strange combination of letting go and pushing forward comes in.

I can let go of the unreasonable expectations that I held of my daughter because now I know she's different and going to do things in her own way and pace.

I can let go of all the pressure I put on myself to correct or "fix" issues that are just what they are.

But it also comes with a pushing forward.

Pushing forward to equip my daughter and focus on her strengths. Pushing on to find curriculum and activities that meet her needs when it comes to learning and growth. 

Pushing forward, with that acceptance and understanding, to what is truly best for my girl.

So, when you are battling something, trying to find ground, sometimes answers is what we really need, but even with those answers, we need to let go. We are the stewards of our children, we are here to help them grow and learn as individuals in all their beautiful uniqueness. We need to let go of our own expectations, or maybe other's expectations, to embrace who are kids truly are and empower them in the purpose-driven life they were created for.

Much love,


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