The Perfect Fit

 I've been thinking about "fit" a lot lately. 

Not being physically "fit", though I'm enjoying how the nice weather has allowed us to get exercise by working in the yard more. Not a toddler "fit", though that is really starting to be a thing at our house as my little guy gets closer to turning two.  Not even clothing "fit", though that is also starting to be a thing as my pregnancy progresses. 

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Do you think you are a "fit" mother? The definition of the fit I'm referring is: of a suitable quality, standard, or type to meet the required purpose.

What a loaded question, right? I feel like we mothers are plagued with it constantly, though. I know I ask myself a lot.

Last week, I really messed up and said something hurtful to my five-year-old. As a result I ended up sitting on my bed alone, crying my heart out. There was so much guilt and condemnation pressing down on me. The thought, "You are messing up these children and you are just going to mess up another one!" was the prevalent one on my mind. As I was later reminded by a friend, it was a lie from hell, and one that is pushed on we mamas by the enemy of our soul. 

Later, as I held my reconciled child in my arms, I looked down at his sweet head resting against my chest and realized that we were the perfect fit. Not just physically, though we were sitting quite comfortably together, but we were also put together "to meet the required purpose". 

God knew how different this child and I would be. He knew how hard we would have to work to find middle ground and understand each other. And yet, He chose us for each other. 

I believe that it is because He knew that as we navigated our differences together it would allow Him to do the good work of refining each of us. 

I always tell my kids that God made the sibling(s) that they are having a hard time with different from them on purpose because He knew they would need to practice working with people who aren't the same as them. Not every co-worker or client/customer is going to be easy to get along with. They most likely wont marry someone who is the same personality type as they are (opposites attract is a real thing!). You get the idea.

Next time I have a hard time with my little guy, I'm resolved to close my mouth, bite my tongue, and ask myself "What is God trying to teach us through this encounter?". I know I wont always be successful in this resolve, but I am determined to try!

Because I am a fit mama. I was created for this role. And with A LOT of God's help, I'm going to do the best I can. That is all He is asking, He is not asking for perfection.

Lots and lots of love, mamas!



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