Your HIGHEST Calling

 At church we were talking about God's design, male and female and the family.

The pastor gave a charge to the men and then to the women.

He talked about enjoying womanhood and being a women. Then he hit home when he said. "Moms, be there for your kids, no one else can do what you do. Wives, be there for your husband, no one else can do what you do. This is your highest calling."

Careers are awesome. Pursuing your dreams are important. Finding joy and fulfillment is necessary BUT, don't give up what is truly and eternally important for lesser things. This is your greatest calling. 

What you do in your home will make more life-altering impact than anywhere else you will serve. The investment you make in your family, in your marriage (if you are married), in your children will return far fuller than any financial decision you will ever make! 

This is your highest calling. NO ONE else can do what you do!

I thought about this on the way home and thought how our society says "career first" "pleasure first" "you first" and how Christ says:

 "There is no greater love than he who lays down his life for a friend"

and I would switch "friend" with the word "family" there. The world may say put aside kids, husband, family to do what you feel like doing yet, as a follower of Jesus, I want to follow His example and what did He do?

Gave up His position.
Gave up His comfort.
Gave up His own pursuits.
Gave up His body.
Gave up His life.

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I want to follow the greatest example of Love I will ever know. I want to give up my life for my family. I will and continue to give up my days, comfort, position, to serve those God has entrusted to me. I have and will do lots of other things in life and pursue many dreams, but this is My Greatest Calling.

Much love,


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