I'm a compassion person, that's just how I'm made.

I've always noticed the hurting, lonely people. I've always had a heart for those in need. I've always feel and empathize when I see a need.

Because of this compassion I also see the ugly of evil and the destruction of relationships. I grieve the loss when families break and children are hurt. I ache when I see the depravity of this world because all of it results in pain for so many. It hurts. It breaks me.

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Recently, I've been struggling with motivation to head into a challenging time that could be really beneficial. It's just hard to do, hard to be motivated, hard to stay on track. 

Then, I heard something that broke my heart, made my stomach queasy for a bit, and then helped me think of a brilliant idea where so many hurting people could be healed, things made right where things are not. A beautiful idea.

TWO NIGHTS in a row, all I thought about was this idea, this dream and I gladly would've traded it for the challenge I was about to head into. I didn't know if it was something I was supposed to do something about or not. So my husband challenged me to pray.

As I prayed I asked God if this was a dream I should He had something for or if this was just another "compassion distraction". Because of my heart, God has called me to a great many good things, BUT, because of that same heart, any hurt can distract or even discourage me to the point of not being as impactful in the area I have been called to because I'm expending energy in areas that aren't mine to bare.

This actually happens a lot!

I have to limit what I see on social media, watch the direction of my conversations, and guard my mind from dwelling on all the evil and brokenness, not because I'm unaware but because my over awareness and empathy can utterly hinder me from being able to move forward in my own life. I can get paralyzed, in a way, by hurting for other people so much that it weakens my ability to do what I'm supposed to in my circle.

So, as I asked that question "Is this a compassion distraction"? and it all made perfect sense. It was. This wonderful idea that I would gladly give up my own personal challenge for. This great goal... A goal that I would set aside what my job is for... It's a distraction. 

Do you have things that are good that distract you from what you are personally supposed to be focusing on in this season? I know I do! My encouragement to you is to keep an open heart and mind to change and growth but to remember and hold fast to what you personally are called to influence right now.

Much love,


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