Mother's Day NOT a Fantasy Day

 Mother's Day...

Envision sleeping in after a peaceful night's sleep, breakfast in bed, and lovely gifts showered on you by your husband and children... WHOEVER INVENTED THIS FANTASY ISN'T A MOTHER!

I did get to sleep in, which was wonderful, before my little toddler crawled in next to me to snuggle, which is our morning routine and I love it!

After he left to go get breakfast with his sister, I got a backrub from my husband (YAY) because I was really needed one. Then a backrub was complete with knocking on our door mid-way through.

Then came... "Mommy, Daddy time"... TRUE parent moment. We are "enjoying ourselves" when a hurt baby start screaming and banging on the door. We entreat our eldest, through the door, to come get him and help him. She picks him up and proceeds to scold us through the door, "He wanted mommy love and YOU WOULDN'T GIVE IT TO HIM!"... Needless to say it was hard to regain focus, but we managed. 

Next, it's breakfast time and my husband lovingly makes pancakes and coffee. Breakfast went off without too much of a hitch. A little fussing from the toddler and teenager but nothing out of the ordinary. 

Then several meltdowns occurs over vitamins. My toddler wanted to eat them... Then he wants to put them away. Then he cries because he can't play with them. *Face palm* Good thing I didn't have super high expectations of how Mother's Day wouldn't be like any other mothering day. 

To top it all off, while my husband is video chatting with his mom, I decided to take some painkillers for my back (that my toddler jumped all over last night and is, surprise, really sore this morning *sarcasm*). I go grab some Aleve and for good measure two Tylenol as well. My toddler eagerly comes over. He often feeds me the vitamins I take so I didn't think anything of it when he picked up the little blue painkiller.

"Blue!" He exclaimed and then, to my horror, popped it into his mouth and chewed.

"AH!" I yelled and shoved my finger into his mouth. "YUCKY!" and "NO!" came from me as I fished the shattered little pieces of pill out of his mouth. 

My husband got off the phone, I rinsed out my child's mouth... And that was mother's day morning.

How did your guys' go?

Imagine Credit: todaysparent

Remember, no matter the chaos, fellow mamas, that you are so special, so loved, and so important.




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