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I've shared a lot of struggles as a mom of preteens, but there's another factor about this stage that's pretty neat. The willingness to expand!

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When my eldest turned about eleven, she came out of her shell more than ever before. Sure, she'd always been social but now she was willing to be brave. 

One day, she wanted to make some friends and asked if she could go to the neighbors and ask if the kids could play. I agreed and she visited THREE different houses to ask the kids to play. I was incredibly proud and amazed. But that's the thing about the preteens they're ready. They're dreaming! The whole world is before them and full of possibilities and they're excited for them!

Now, my second daughter is eleven and I'm seeing the very same thing. This girl is ready! She's ready to try all sorts of new things. She's ready to make friends and take on odd jobs and do anything she can to learn and grow. I might not like a lot about the preteen stage but I love this part about it. Watching them develop and grow. Watching their optimism and drive for life and its possibilities. 

I think as we gain life experience and age, sometimes we get a little jaded. Things in life didn't turn out how we thought. Dreams we tried for didn't happen. Relationships didn't last. Jobs or careers didn't end up succeeding. Whatever it may be, there's things in life that have dampened our excitement for life and it's possibilities. 

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Let's remember that, like my preteens realize, there is lots of potential in life. Yes, there's many ups and downs and motherhood is a unique season that doesn't give a ton of room for other pursuits, but life is still full of hope and possibilities and excitement.

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