The Letter of the Law

Today, I'm going to take a little detour from my normal mothering content to just share some personal things with you.

In a world of "relative truths" I find it hard to know how to respond to the constant changing tides of ideas and ideologies. I want to be a presence of love and light in this world and I can't do that if I'm constantly questioning and trying comprehend all the new and strange things going on in our world. They're distracting, at least to me.

I've been doing a Bible study on the Armor of God. I'm currently on the chapter about truth. It talked about submitting to truth so that you can walk a steady and stable life, not constantly changing opinions as new fads come along.

I stopped right there and asked God "What is truth?"

I was raised with the idea that there was only one right way of doing anything in life. I believed it fully too, till God asked me to do things out of my comfort zone. Out of the small, understandable box that I though God operated in. 

As I walked in faith, I learned so much more of Who God really is and it's not just about a strict set of rules. It's about being close to God. It's about loving others. It's about taking on life with Jesus at my side. 

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Some of what God asked of me not only conflicted with my limited view of Him but also rubbed family the wrong way. My action where judged and some even out right condemned. Though I knew my action where ones of faith and not contradictory to the Bible in anyway, this put a lot of doubt and sadness in my faith walk.

So, back to the question. 

What is true?

Is the relational walk that I have with the Lord, and going beyond my box, what is good and true OR is it that strict, conservative ideals that I was condemned by?

Truth is God's opinion on any matter. 
He made it all. He decides.

Truth doesn't change with the constant changing fads and ideals of this world. It's not malleable to our current desires or ideas.

God doesn't change. His character, heart, and love are the same as they have always been.

So, how can the same God that set an impossible standard to follow also call me to step outside of just being a rule follower into relationship?

God doesn't change. Truth doesn't change but something THE ANSWER CHANGES.

If you look at the Old Testament in the Bible, what was the penalty for sin? Disobedience to God: Death by way of a sacrificed animal or physical death of that person. New Testament, how are our sins forgiven? BY ASKING because Jesus covered that sin. Same God, same truth that sin leads to death, different answer about our responsibility is. 

A simpler way to look at it is THE LETTER OF THE LAW vs THE HEART OF THE LAW. I think when Christians fight over the details, when they insist on "knowing it all", we are missing the point of the laws, of the rules, of the standards.

God says our purpose in life is to know and love Him, to bring glory to His name. We need to know what true is in a world of changing "truths". We need to be firm on what the Bible says, what God says. But we also need to focus on the heart of God because that's ultimately the entire point. His heart is one of pure and holy love. He hates sin because it hurts us and separates us from Him. His heart is that we have a full and rich life and that comes through obedience to Him and walking in faith at the same time. 

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I want to be firm. I want to be grounded and I want my children to be as well, but in all things, more than the rules themselves, I want my kids to learn the heart of God behind every direction, every command, and every tender loving thing. His ways are only good, ours our not. So I trust Him and want to always walk in a way that leads me to know Him more... Spoiler alert, the more you get to know God, the more you realize you don't know much at all.

Much love,


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