Sometimes life is just overwhelming...in a good way.

I guess I should say that God's grace and blessing is overwhelming.


What are you needing right now? 

Recently I have had a few personal needs. Well, I guess when you get down to it they are more like "wants" since I feel like "needs" is a pretty strong word (like something you can't live without). Anyway, we had been having a lot of problems with our main vehicle, for one. Because it has a hybrid system, no one in our rural county can work on it so it had to be towed to another county at the beginning of May and we still don't have it back. Thankfully, we still had our old clunky van for the kids and I to use. My husband just bought himself a car so the van was freed up for us, which is amazing timing. 

However, the van has problems. It turns out that if you accelerate too quickly, it will die on you. Right there, in the middle of the street! That really took me off guard the first time. The next few times I was prepared and got it back going more quickly (might have been more of a big deal in my mind if I had had the kids with me at the time). It also has limited space for camping and swim gear (especially our kayaks). We have a lot of fun trips planned for the summer and it looks like we need to get rid of our hybrid because of issues that are most likely to pop up in the future. So I resigned myself to driving the van through the rest of the summer and asking friends or family to help us get our gear where we needed it while we tried to sell the hybrid and looked for something that would work for our growing family and was in our budget. I was trying not to stress or worry about, but instead put my trust in God. He knew what we needed, He would make sure we were ok. He always has. 

And He really did. As a mater of fact, He gave me my dream car. Somebody pinch me!

Just before our most recent camping trip, a coworker called my husband and let him know that another coworker was selling a vehicle that he thought we might be interested in. For $7,000 under Kelly Blue Book price. After doing some research, we found out that we would be able to afford the payments (selling the hybrid will help with that, too). We went to test drive it and brought it home the same day! In time for me to load it up for our camping trip!

It fits all the kids and enough food and gear for a 5 day/4 night camp!

God didn't just provide, He really blessed us. We've owned the car for two weeks now and I'm still overwhelmed. It's crazy to have such a nice, newish car (younger than any car that I have ever owned before).  And it's really a comfort that I don't have to worry about it dying in the middle of the street!

God doesn't always answer our prayers so quickly (I've been struggling with chronic pain for nearly 1/4 of my life, I know this all too well!) and He doesn't always give us our dream car right away (I've driven a lot of clunkers before now). But He always seems to give us what we need to get by. And every-once-in-a-while, He just decides to bless our socks off with what we've been wanting.

Not sure what you are hoping for or wanting or needing, mama, but I want to encourage you to trust in Him. He is a good Father who takes good, tender-loving care of His children. He's got your back. I hope my little story will encourage you.

Lots of love,



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