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Nothing Greater

So for today, I am going to do something different. I'm actually going to send you to another website because there is something so powerful over there, I just really need you to check it out: What did you think? How can I say anything after you have read that?  We women are so powerful. We are mighty warriors raising mighty warriors. When we wipe running noses and dirty bottoms and give the same instruction for the bazillianth time, it may not seem like we are, but we are! When Jesus was having his last supper with his disciples, he told them that there is no greater love than to lay your life down for someone else. Mamas, we do that EVERY day. We are constantly making countless little decisions to do something for someone else when we would rather be doing something else.  You are doing an amazing job, mama! Love and Blessings, Lee

Where is the Rest???

 This is another calendar post... You may remember in the past how I have shared my calendar problems. If you haven't, I'll just let you know that the problem is that I often overfill my calendar. I like to try to do EVERYTHING, which isn't wise or realistic. With summer being halfway over, I am even more eager than usual to get all the stuff in that we normally can't do in other seasons. For instance, here is a sample of the last week: Saturday: went to the library midway event (which was awesome), cleaned house, and had friends over for a bbq. Sunday: the kids, mom, and I dropped off their fair entries (a 1.5 hour drive), drove another hour to shop at Costco, picked peaches 185 lbs of peaches, and drove home. I finished Asher’s birthday presents and made the cupcakes for his party after we got home (awake until 1:30 am). Monday: Asher's birthday party (a full day of swimming and partying) and a BBQ at my parents' house. Tuesday: went blueberry picking (1 hour

Rough Crossing

The name of our game is "Joy in the Journey" because we want to encourage you to find the joy in your motherhood. But what about when the journey is a bit rough? I guess because I am now starting my third trimester, I have been thinking a lot about the babyhood of my older children and just my journey through motherhood in general. Some of it has not been easy. With my first, I really struggled with breastfeeding and, though I nursed her for 14 months, was never able to exclusively breastfeed. Breastfeeding was something that was super important to me because I knew it was so healthy (for the baby and myself) and in my eyes it was what I needed to do in order to be a good mother (for me, not shaming anyone who chooses to not breastfeed!). And it was very shattering that I could not do it the way I wanted to. Every time I topped a feeding off with formula, or even my own pumped milk, (and I had to top off most feedings) I felt like a failure. I shouldn'

It's a Blessing!

Hey mamas! I know this isn't my normal day, but I'm just popping on here to remind you of what a blessing you are. And what a blessing your children are! I don't know if it's the pregnancy hormones talking or God is really doing a work in my heart, but a continual thought in my mind lately has been, "I love being a mom!".  There really is nothing else like it, is there? No one else completely understands what it is like to be the mother of your children (this goes for both the good parts and the challenging parts, but I'm thinking about the good parts today). No one can comfort your children exactly the way you can. No one can reach them the way you can. No one can love them the way you can. You are amazing, mama! And your children are an amazing gift! So I just want to encourage you to pause for a moment this day, mama, and focus for a second on the amazing gift of motherhood that you have been given. And I want you to acknowledge the fact that you are an

Little Things

Do you ever feel like the things you do don't hold very much meaning?  What do we mamas do all day long, anyway, and how meaningful are the things we do?  We cook breakfast and wash the dishes and put in a load of laundry. Then we clean. Then we cook again and wash dishes again and rotate another load of laundry in. Then we clean some more. Then we cook again and wash dishes again and forget to rotate the laundry again. Then we sit down at the end of the day and look at our messy house (yard, car, etc) and wonder why we can't keep things more tidy (at least I do). Some of you work a full time job and then somehow manage to fit all these things in just a few hours each day, which is just absolutely amazing! And in between all this we wipe bottoms and snotty noses and break up fights and try to teach the kids something useful and pray that they have fond memories of their childhood and that they will turn out alright. But then are pretty sure that we are failing in the latter are


image from Hey, mamas! It's been a doozy of a week for me, and I've been praying about what to write for you all week and just haven't gotten any inspiration. Until now. It's 8 am Monday, July 5th, and this blog post is supposed to be published at 10 am. Nothing like waiting until the last minute! I tried to write this yesterday but the inspiration just wasn't there and I don't write well without inspiration. I want to speak to you ladies from my heart, not just fill a post because I'm supposed to. I'm sorry if I have been talking about limitations too much lately. It's what I'm going through right now, and I figure that God wants to use the hard things we go through to help each other.  On Wednesday I had to drive 1.5 hours to get to an appointment in a bigger city. It was to pick up my maternity compression hoes to help support my enormous varicose veins (talk about limitations, those things are a workout to get on in the

It's a "Present"

Well, I had another "nothing day" . For whatever reason, my toddler WON'T SLEEP! Or rather, he won't sleep in his own bed. He crawls into mine and keeps me awake while he sleeps happily, unintentionally hitting me throughout the night. I finally had enough. I left. I left the baby in bed with dad and in resistance of being kicked and hit all night I went to the couch to sleep... I didn't sleep well. In the morning, I was EXHAUSTED! Moving slow, didn't exercise, caffeine, you know how it goes. I was wiped! So it was a "nothing day" .  I sat with my bowl of oatmeal and coffee and watched my daughters play Monopoly, something I never do. I held my toddler in my lap between sips of coffee and when he'd jump off my lap to go terrorize his sisters briefly. We sat around and had lunch together and then we decided to get out. I didn't want to do much so we headed to a little park that has a creek next to it. We skipped the park and went down to the c

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