It's a Blessing!

Hey mamas! I know this isn't my normal day, but I'm just popping on here to remind you of what a blessing you are. And what a blessing your children are!

I don't know if it's the pregnancy hormones talking or God is really doing a work in my heart, but a continual thought in my mind lately has been, "I love being a mom!". 

There really is nothing else like it, is there? No one else completely understands what it is like to be the mother of your children (this goes for both the good parts and the challenging parts, but I'm thinking about the good parts today).

No one can comfort your children exactly the way you can.

No one can reach them the way you can.

No one can love them the way you can.

You are amazing, mama! And your children are an amazing gift!

So I just want to encourage you to pause for a moment this day, mama, and focus for a second on the amazing gift of motherhood that you have been given. And I want you to acknowledge the fact that you are an amazing mother. 

Sure, you make mistakes. We all do! But I like this quote:

Because it is true. And you are the mother that God has chosen for your children. You are a blessed lady!

Lots of love, 


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