It's a "Present"

Well, I had another "nothing day". For whatever reason, my toddler WON'T SLEEP! Or rather, he won't sleep in his own bed. He crawls into mine and keeps me awake while he sleeps happily, unintentionally hitting me throughout the night.

I finally had enough. I left. I left the baby in bed with dad and in resistance of being kicked and hit all night I went to the couch to sleep... I didn't sleep well.

In the morning, I was EXHAUSTED! Moving slow, didn't exercise, caffeine, you know how it goes. I was wiped! So it was a "nothing day"

I sat with my bowl of oatmeal and coffee and watched my daughters play Monopoly, something I never do. I held my toddler in my lap between sips of coffee and when he'd jump off my lap to go terrorize his sisters briefly.

We sat around and had lunch together and then we decided to get out. I didn't want to do much so we headed to a little park that has a creek next to it. We skipped the park and went down to the creek.

We stayed for HOURS and I didn't want to leave. The girls went "swimming" and my little boy played in the mud. Then they all caught water skippers and studied them.

I sat there just soaking in the moments, talking and laughing with my kids. Just watching them is a gift. So content and happy when we're outside together. They are content to play in "God's playground" as I called it.

I got pretty much NOTHING done all day, but I was present with my kids. I was there in the moments and only there as they played their game in the morning. I was present with them at the creek and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. The present moment is a gift, it's a present! The past moments are gone, though we can remember them and the future is unknown, so let us treasure these moments, these gifts we've been give right here and now.

Our kids are never going to be this young again. They're changing all the time. Let us be present and let's enjoy the "nothing days" because they often are the most beautiful days of all.

Much love,


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