Little Things

Do you ever feel like the things you do don't hold very much meaning? 

What do we mamas do all day long, anyway, and how meaningful are the things we do? 

We cook breakfast and wash the dishes and put in a load of laundry. Then we clean. Then we cook again and wash dishes again and rotate another load of laundry in. Then we clean some more. Then we cook again and wash dishes again and forget to rotate the laundry again. Then we sit down at the end of the day and look at our messy house (yard, car, etc) and wonder why we can't keep things more tidy (at least I do). Some of you work a full time job and then somehow manage to fit all these things in just a few hours each day, which is just absolutely amazing!

And in between all this we wipe bottoms and snotty noses and break up fights and try to teach the kids something useful and pray that they have fond memories of their childhood and that they will turn out alright. But then are pretty sure that we are failing in the latter area because we have to break up another fight (and another, and maybe another). 

Mamas, these are huge things! Let me say this again:

God is seeing the small works you do every day, mama, and He is rejoicing to see this good work! What you are doing is SO IMPORTANT! You are facilitating the genesis of an immortal soul! You are providing the nourishing environment that this little person would not be able to survive without. You are doing a BIG work.

But I get it, sometimes it feels like the little, repetitive things we do every day are insignificant. And tedious. And HARD. 

But they aren't. They are so important. They are the most important things.

God is delighting in you, mama.

Much, much love,



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