Stay Focused!

 Hey mamas! So, I've been a good girl and spent more time at home this week. It has been nice. I read two books and crocheted a blanket for my dad. The kids and I finished reading The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood and watched the old Disney movie, so they spent two entire days in Sherwood Forest (aka our back yard), dressed in medieval garb and having archery contests and quarterstaff fights. It was so fun to listen to them through the open window!

During this week I had to fight some of my familiar giants. One of them is the one that always taunts me and tells me that I should be getting more done around the house, that I should just do the work and deal with the pain afterwards. "You're a terrible housewife and a lazy slob. A real woman wouldn't have such a messy house, she wouldn't have so many unfinished projects!" is his favorite accusation. The other likes to tease me about missing out on things because I'm either choosing to stay home and not participate or because I wasn't invited. "Nobody likes you, no one is really your friend, you're going to lose any friends you do have and your kids wont be socialized if you don't make it to each activity!" is his chorus.

Gah! I think the enemy of our soul delights in hurling accusations at we mamas. Actually, I know he does.  Don't let him lie to you, mama!

 You are enough! You do enough! You are worthy! You are amazing!

This week I rested my body, which it needed. I allowed my kids to play and be children and use their imagination, which they needed. I took the time to observe and delight in my children. I got a date night with my husband (the two youngest did tag along, but a date is a date and it counts!). We did get to play and visit with friends on three separate occasions. And guess what? When the weekend came around, the whole family worked on and finished a BIG project together. It was so nice to get that accomplished!

I came across this meme on facebook today and I really liked it:

It reminded me of my mantra that I've mentioned here before, "Focus on what you can do, not what you can't". 

Don't focus on how pregnancy has changed your body, focus on how thankful you are that your body can produce life.

Don't focus on the chores you didn't get done today, be thankful for what you were able to accomplish.

Don't focus on how mothering little ones limits you, be thankful for the incredible opportunity to change the world that you have been given by being privileged enough to raise human beings.

You are an amazing gift to the world, mama, don't let anyone tell you any different!

Lots of love,



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