Just What I Needed to Hear...


It's why this blog was started. Mrs Joy and I know how hard motherhood is and we wanted to be a voice that would cheer you on in your journey.

I used to think Acts Of Service was my primary love language, but as I learn more about myself I have found that Words Of Affirmation are pretty important to me as well. 

Our homeschool group threw me a little baby shower and each of the other mamas wrote me an encouraging note or card. I didn't read them at the party, which was a good thing because when I came home and read them they really made me cry. Those sweet ladies knew exactly what I needed to hear. They knew, because they know what it is like to be a mama.

Dear mama, there is One who knows better than me what you need to hear. God loves you, and has written so many things to help you get through this crazy, hard, wonderful life you are living on planet earth. I've looked up a few and put them here to encourage you:

You are doing an amazing work, mama! And it is not for nothing, everything you do in love is making an impact on your world. Even if it's changing diapers and wiping snotty noses!

You've got this! You are stronger than you think and can do amazing things.


You could have existed in any other time period, and been mother to completely different children, but God chose to create you to live in this time and to mother these children. You are no mistake!

You may be going through a hard time right now, but it wont last forever. Lean on the Lord and He will give you the joy you need!

God really does love you so much, mama! You are valuable and precious to Him. You are a wonder!

Much love,



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