Savor It!

 Has your social media been clogged up with back to school pictures this past week? Mine has. And I love it. 

All those pictures of those cute kids, whether they are wearing backpacks and holding lunch boxes or homeschooling in their pjs, can’t help but put a smile on your face. But some of the he pictures are rather shocking.

She’s already in 7th grade??? How did that happen? And how is it that that baby, who could only have been born a few years ago, is already starting kindergarten??? And how can he be a senior, I remember when he was just in preschool! 

The back-to-school pictures certainly remind us of the passage of time, and how quickly it happens! 

Today I laid down with my toddler to read and snuggle while he drifted off to sleep for nap time. As I listened to his peaceful breathing and watched his sweet little face, I just took time to soak in the moment. He will never be this little again. Tomorrow he will be another day older. Soon he will realize that he is a big brother. And before I know it, I will be teaching him how to read and count. It all goes so quickly! 

When I look at the long legs of my almost-13-year-old, it’s crazy to think that those are the same legs that used to wiggle and kick inside me. That wasn’t really too long ago, was it? And now they are racing across the soccer field.

I know I’ve said it before, mamas, but I just want to remind you again to stop and savor the moments you have with your kiddoes. It’s easy to get caught up in the business of everyday life, but some things are more important. 

So take the time to listen to and laugh at their ridiculous jokes and capture the look on their faces as they tell them. Sit on the floor and play their game with them for a bit. Visit your teen’s room just to talk (ignoring the mess and resisting the urge to nag). 

Soak in these moments, mamas! 




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