Perfect Peace

Hey! Yes, this is Lee, still pregnant. Writing this post in the wee hours of the morning right before it will be published, because it's been a crazy week and I haven't been able to seem to get the time and inspiration to write before now.

The baby is here, happily residing in my belly, where the baby wants to be right now. I've had two Non-Stress Tests and an ultrasound in the past four days to prove that baby is doing well. And they want me to have another ultrasound today. Oh the joys of being over 35 and "overdue". The baby is doing great, but I'm really having to battle to be at peace right now.

"Battle to be at peace", sounds kind of like an oxymoron, right? But I really do think that keeping our hearts and minds in a peaceful state takes a lot of work. Isaiah 26:3 says:

God brings the peace, but our part is to keep our minds fixed on Him. If we shift our focus to the chaos and worries all around us, we, like Peter walking on the water, start to sink. I love that Jesus didn't calm the waves so Peter could walk out to him. All He did was extend his hand to Peter and say, "Come.". He didn't calm the chaos so that Peter could trust Him, He expected Peter to trust Him in the middle of the storm. And as long as Peter kept his eyes on Jesus he did just fine. (story from Matthew 14:22-33)

There at a lot of discouraging statistics out there about women over 35-years-old having babies, and I find it so frustrating that our medical community puts more stock in statistics than individuals. I have had 5 successful "late" deliveries in the past. ALL my babies have been born 4-11 days after their "due dates" and they have all been perfectly healthy. And as far as we can tell this baby is perfectly healthy, too. I have total peace about this baby coming whenever he or she is ready and I'm going to keep that peace. If anyone else wants worry unnecessarily, let them have fun doing that!

What are you worrying about, mama? I just want to remind you that worry never changes the outcome, but it always changes you. And not for the better. (Matthew 6:25-34) Run to the Rock that is higher than you and get the peace you need from the only One who can give it to you. It will take you through any storm.

Much love, mamas! Next week, I will probably have a birth story to share!



  1. Beautifully said! There are so many pressures on us Momma’s! I appreciate the reminder to reach for the hand that can truly help.


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