Modified Christmas Preparations

 It’s almost Christmas!!!

Did you just read that with joy or panic? 

My Christmas preparations this year look very different from what they have in the past. Usually I am scrambling to get all my homemade gifts done for the extended family, as well as doing many activities with my kids. But this year I have a newborn, so I decided early on that I was going to expect less of myself. I decided that I would focus on the gifts I really want to make for my own kids and if I get anything done beyond that, it would be a bonus. 

It kind of feels selfish, but I’m glad I made this decision. I do miss making gifts for my loved ones (acts of service is my love language!), but I also know there is no way I could have gotten them all made in time. Not without sacrificing the little sleep I get and putting up with some stressful crying from the newborn.

I bought this onesie for my daughter 13 years ago, and it’s a good reminder that the people in our life are the best gifts.

I also made the decision to stay home more. We aren’t a part of a Christmas production this year. And though I was going continue homeschool at least halfway into November, our lessons have been put on the back burner as well. But we have done a lot of crafting! 

I feel like these choices have allowed us to savor the Christmas season a little better. We are reading a chapter of Luke every day and taking time to discuss what we have read. The kids are spending time with their grammie while I scramble to get their presents sewn without them seeing them. I’m enjoying the snuggles and smell of my newborn. 

It’s not perfect. I’m a Do-er and it’s hard for me to not be able to NOT do all the things. The limits of having a newborn frustrate me on a daily basis. But reminding myself of my lowered expectations helps.

So the question I have for you, mama, is what steps do you need to take to make this last bit of the Christmas season more enjoyable for you? Are there some things you just need to decide that you can’t do this year? Do you need to let go of getting everything perfect? 

We want our children to remember a mama who lived the Christmas season with joy in her heart, not stressed and depressed because she couldn’t make hers look like a Hallmark Christmas. 

You don’t have to do all the things.

Much love and Merry Christmas! 



  1. I also had to cut so much off my list this year. And I only have one child! It has been a season fo struggle for us and I know it’s just a season so I’m grateful for that. I love what you had chosen to focus on! I’m sure this will have been a very special and memorable Christmas for your family.


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