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My baby is now four months old… And I am so thankful! If you know me well, you know that I do not keep on having children because I love the newborn stage… I actually really, really, have a hard time with the newborn stage!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the cuddling…to an extent. I love to nurture my babies through breastfeeding. I think they are so cute when they are tiny…But man, are they needy! And my babies tend to be “Mama only” babies, which means they just want me. All. The. Time.

My current baby has been one of my most needy. He has spent the past four months ONLY sleeping when in my arms or laying next to me. Whenever I would try to lay him down or roll away from beside him or pass him off to another family member, he would wake. Every time! It is really hard when someone wants to be connected to you 24/7. Needless to say, I’ve felt extremely overstimulated and overwhelmed and exhausted. 

But I think we are finally baby stepping past this. It started around 2 months old, when he decided that he didn’t need to scream the entire time he was in the car seat. Then he started to actually enjoy time spent “playing” with his daddy or siblings. And then, the day after he turned four months old, miracle upon miracle, he actually took THREE naps by himself, one of them lasting TWO hours! 

Now, it’s not like he turned four months old and suddenly became an “easy baby”…however, there is hope and evidence that it won’t always be so hard.

Currently typing this on my phone as he naps on me. 

I guess I just want to remind you, mama, that you won’t be in this hard phase forever. 

The toddler will potty train. Your son will have a breakthrough in his reading, it will click, and before you know it you will be chiding him for staying up and reading past his bedtime. And, believe it or not, your teenager will learn to control her emotions and be a nice person again. 

Life is full of many seasons, and though they each have their own blessings and challenges, I believe that God is faithful to not keep us in the same one longer than we can handle. 

He is so faithful to you, mama, and His love is so deep. Look for the promises that this won’t last forever.

Much love,



  1. Sometimes that is the hardest part, the feeling that it is never going to end. With the doctors telling us that we will be fighting this thing until his mid-twenties, we know that it is going to eat up the rest of this phase of life raising our family, the rest of our children's childhoods.

    1. I can not even imagine what that feels like! You are such an amazing mother, I know that all your children will look back on their childhood in wonder and amazement at how well you managed. I know the future seems daunting, but God is holding the future and He will give you the strength to make it through. ❤️


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