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It's Spring! Along with yard work and starting seeds and salmon fishing, that means birthdays to me. My birthday is the second day of spring and my daughter was born 11 years ago on the first day of spring. So it is a very fun (albeit exhausting) time of year!

This year we had her party on her birthday. She wanted a Dragon Day Festival from The Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson (SUCH good books!). We had a blast planning the event together and I think everyone had fun at the party. 

There was a lot of baking involved to prepare for the party, so I was pretty beat the next day. My hernias were a bit achy and my injured foot was sore, but I was content and had a very happy kid. 

I shared last year about my new take on "my" special days, and I've continued living with that mindset. And boy has it paid off!

In case you didn't read the post last year, I basically decided that I would not spend the special days that celebrate my life (like my birthdays and Mother's Day and anniversary) trying to ESCAPE my life. 

Sounds silly when I say it like that, but in the past I've often been guilty of being disappointed or hurt because my special day wasn't special enough. I don't even know what exactly I expected to happen or what kind of fantasy I had cooked up in my brain, but whatever I was hoping for often didn't fully occur. 

Which led to disappointment. Which led to a crappy attitude. Which ruined my day.

But this birthday was lovely. We were invited to a birthday party of a little friend, so we got to spend most of the day outdoors with friends. I also got to visit with my parents for a few hours and my hubby cooked dinner. My kids had been secretly working on a Wingfeather board game made of Legos, so we played that after dinner and did our nightly reading together. 

Simple, happy, blessed, that is my life. But on my birthday I got cake, steak, and a few presents...bonus!

I'm not saying you can't plan a getaway or party to celebrate your special day (we all need those from time!), I'm just saying that I hope you see how your every-day-normal-life is blessed, too.

When you are a mama, every day is a special day.




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