Just Ask!

 Get ready, mama, because I'm about to give you the best parenting hack you have ever heard:

Ask for help.

"Well, duh!" you may answer, "Everyone says that."

It's true that everyone else may say that, but I'm not talking about typical help from you hubby, mom, neighbor, family, or friend (though those are all good resources). I'm talking about asking someone who knows your children even better than you do. I'm talking about the One who created them.

You may think that sounds a bit "woo-woo" but let me tell you from experience: it works!

And it makes sense.

Just the other night my friend and I were talking about how each of our children is so different. What works for one of them may completely flop for another. And some methods of teaching or discipline only last for a season: it was working great for a while and then your child reaches a new level of development and you have to readjust. Or, some methods work great for some circumstances but not for others. 

There are so many different opinions on so many different parenting methods, how do you know what to do???

The answer is simple: Just ask.

If you believe in Jesus then you have to believe in the words that He said to His disciples at the last supper: "I am sending you the Helper" (John 16:7). I believe that the Holy Spirit was sent to help you with all your needs.

Lost you keys? Ask the Holy Spirit to help you find them. Don't know how to react to your son's hitting problem? The Helper can give you the right words to reach his heart. Not sure what you should do about your teens' lying problem? God will reveal the real issue that is causing this behavior.

God loves you. He doesn't put you in situations without answers. Sometimes the answers are slower coming than we would like, but they are still there! 

The best thing about asking the Holy Spirit to help you is that it means you are relying less on your own emotions in parenting. I don't know about you, but my parenting can get ugly when I am allowing myself to react with my emotions. But if I'm depending on the Holy Spirit to guide me, I get a peace that is supernatural. It's amazing how much better at parenting God is. He's a pro!

You've got this, mama! But don't do it alone. God is ready and willing to help you out.

Much Love,



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