What She Left Behind

I lost a friend today. I don’t know the particulars of her passing, but I do know that she is gone. And I am sad.

Of course I am not sad that she is in heaven. I can’t help but be happy for someone because of that. She has struggled with health issues for a long time, so I am happy for her that she is no longer in pain. But I am sad I won’t be seeing her again for a long time.

She was young. She was not my age, she was my mother’s age, but that still seems young to me. Her death took me by surprise. She and my mom actually grew up together and her daughter is just a little younger than I am.

I didn't really know her growing up too much, but we became friends when she started going to our church several years ago. I got to be her Secret Sister and gave her little presents every month for a year. That was so fun. The reason it was so fun was because she was such a kind and caring person. I'm going to miss her kindness. I'm going to miss her sweet smile and hearty laugh. 


The biggest part of her that I will miss will be her encouragement. She was always giving me compliments, especially about my parenting. Sometimes she would give them to me when I needed to hear it the most, which was a God thing. She would tell me I was doing a great job when I really felt like I was failing. She loved and valued and delighted in my children, too. She was just always so, so sweet to me.

I'm sorry to be writing this in fresh grief, but I just really felt like passing on this message to you. We all have a blank tombstone in our future. Each of us will pass away some day and all that will be left of us is the way we made people feel. 

My friend may not have realized how much her words meant to me. She may not have known the joy her smiles gave me. You may underestimate how much your little kindnesses mean, mama, but don't. They mean a lot. They mean the world.

So take the time, sweet mamas, to pass on love and encouragement to others. Most of the time all it really costs you is a few words and a smile, but it means everything to those you are blessing.




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