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Just What I Needed to Hear…

 Hey mamas! Sorry for not getting a blog to you yesterday. A lot has been going on, and I hope to write something new soon, but for now we are going to throw back to last year. So click the link below to see something that may help you today. Bless you, mamas!

True Freedom!

 Hey Mamas, happy Fourth! Well, you may have been too busy on Independence Day to read this when it was published, but whether you are reading this on July 4th or not, I want to talk about freedom today. It may not be the kind of freedom you are thinking of, though. Today I want to talk about having freedom from yourself.  Well, not yourself so much as the negative thoughts that you think about yourself. You know you do. I look terrible in this swimsuit. I’m an awful mother, my kids will never forget that blow up. Why can’t I throw a party as nice as she does? I have terrible self control. I’m not good enough. I’m so stupid!… Ugh! STOP IT, MAMA!!!! You know what would make you a better mama? Being kind to yourself. Because we all know that kindness is contagious. If you have good thoughts bouncing around in your head, that is what will overflow from your mouth. So here are a few true things to think about yourself.  Mama, YOU ARE … God’s daughter. (1 John 3:1) Chosen. (John 15:16) Bles

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