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They're Always Watching

 I don't usually have my phone out during church, but this week I just couldn't resist pulling it out and taking a few photos.  My baby has been doing the cutest thing lately. Every time he hears music that he likes, he raises both hands in the air. I can only assume he learned it from watching us worship during church. Of course, he will raise his hands to a Perry Grip song just as quickly as he will to a real worship song, but it still reminds me of that verse in Psalms: The second photo I took during church was of my husband and daughter praying for my mom. The Bible emphasizes over and over again the importance of prayer and even instructs us on how to pray for those who are sick. My husband's heart is to see people healed, and I love that he is involving our children in the process. And the super exciting part is that my mom was healed that day, her knee has not hurt since! As parents, it is easy to see the "bad" things we pass on to our kids.  Oh dear, he

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