It's Going to Be Ok...

 Has grocery shopping gotten a little more stressful for you lately? It sure has for me! I shop with a budget and it is getting harder and harder to fit everything we need into that budget. The garden, greenhouse, and my daughter getting her buck surely helped this summer and fall, but I’m thinking ahead to winter and wondering how we are going to make Christmas presents and groceries work…not to mention gas!

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Earlier this year my husband off handily mentioned that since the prices of vehicles have changed so much, we could sell our Yukon XL for more than we bought it (used) 2 years ago. 

This got me thinking...and guilting. The XL is my dream car. It's the vehicle I've always wanted: big enough to fit our family and gear and capable of going up in the mountains or onto the gravel bar without getting stuck. The heating/cooling seats are an extra perk, too, as well as all the other nice features...but did I really need to have my dream car? We have another vehicle that will fit all of us (a bit more snuggly, but we could get by), should we sell the big rig and make due with the other? Having the car payment money to help with the extra cost of everything and whatever is left over going into savings would be really nice...

I kept guilting and worrying over it. For, like, months. Then one day I realized that maybe I should stop worrying and start praying. So I did.

You guys, I kid you not, the very next week my husband got a pay raise. A pay raise that was totally unexpected and exactly $.35 less that our car payment. Isn't that crazy?!?!?!?

God is really amazing. He is such a good provider!

In spite of this recent event, I found myself stressing the past few weeks about how we were going to pay for some house repairs that had to happen before nasty weather settled in. We had already had the work done and were looking at the bill. After worrying for a bit (a few weeks, I'm pretty slow at this apparently) I put it in God's hands and asked Him to provide. That evening we received a check, totally unexpected, from some friends that was enough to cover the repairs. I'm just nearly speechless about it. It is so kind of the Lord to take care of us in this way, and for our friends to be so generous!

As if all this wasn't enough, God blessed me again this morning. I caught myself fretting over the Christmas present dilemma. My husband and I decided that this year, instead of a bunch of gifts, we would give our children each one present and then plan a special trip as the big gift. Nothing too fancy, we were thinking one night in a hotel with a pool and a concert or trip to the zoo or aquarium. But even something simple like that gets expensive when you have a family of 8. I was wondering how we were going to make it work and prayed that if it was supposed to happen, God would provide. Like five minutes later I get a text from my husband that someone was giving us money to help with Christmas this year...

Isn't God just amazing??? I'm sharing these stories with you to encourage you to lean on Him for your provision. He is such a good and caring Father!

God bless, you, mamas. It's going to be ok. No matter how crazy this world we are living in gets, you have Someone taking care of you. Turn to Him. Depend on Him. He wont let you down.

Much love,


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