What Are You Thinking???

 I'm having a hard time writing this one. I don't know if its because my brain feels like mush from lack of sleep or it's just a tough concept that I am still trying to grasp, but here goes...

What do you think about yourself?

My answers are a mix of positives and negatives. My latest crochet project is within my vision so I think about how I enjoy being creative. And I'm pretty good at the sewing and crocheting I do. That thought leads me to thinking about how messy my craft area is and how I'm terrible at keeping up with it. The window from my craft nook overlooks my garden and it reminds me that I also did not keep up with my garden as well as I would have liked this year...which reminds me that I am not very good at prioritizing things...then I remind myself that I should be thankful that I was even able to garden this year and I got more out of it than I have in the past couple years...

I could think about myself all day, and honestly, I do. I need to be better at this. Why can't I be like that? I did a really good job on this, I hope someone will notice. Doesn't he know that when he does that it makes things harder for me?

It's super easy and totally in our human nature to think about ourselves. If newborn babies didn't do it, they would die. They have to be ego-centrical in order to survive. Then we spend the rest of their lives trying to teach them they aren't the center of the universe and they need to actually think about others. If you have a three-year-old right now, you know what I mean!

I spend a lot of time thinking about what I think about myself, but what does God think about me? Shouldn't I be thinking about what He thinks more than what I think? This is a new concept I am trying to grasp, so forgive me for not expressing it well. Here are a few verses that I have been meditating on. 

The truth is, I want so much of the Holy Spirit inside of me that I am thinking the way He thinks. I want the "mind of Christ" that is mentioned in Philippians 2 and Colossians 3 and many other parts of the Bible. That would mean I would be thinking less about my perceptions and more about what is really true. That sounds rather freeing to me. I think I will pursue that.

So my encouragement to you, dear mama, is to ask God what He thinks of you before passing judgement on yourself. He may show you where changes will need to happen, sure, but I'm willing to bet He is also going to show you just how much He loves you. Love is the strongest emotion God has towards us. It's so amazing!

I hope that we can experience that freedom, sweet mama.

Lots of love,


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