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I Can Do Anything for Four Weeks...Right???

 "He just looks perfectly healthy to me!" She kept saying it. Like 5 times during the visit. But I knew it wasn't true. I'd known there was something different about my son for a while now. His breathing just didn't sound quite right, especially when sleeping...when I could get him to sleep, that is. Sleeping had always been a challenge for him. It seemed like the slightest thing would wake him. At the time of the appointment, he was almost 18 months old and the longest stretches of sleep he had ever given me were a handful of 3-5 hour his entire life! I had told the doctor this, too. "He looks just perfect." Yes, he looked fine. But the breathing had gotten worse as he started eating solid food...when I could get him to eat solid food. I have never had such a picky eater, and he still preferred nursing over eating or drinking anything else.  This was not perfectly healthy. This was not perfectly normal. The few times I could get him to sleep o

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