Face Plant!

 In the past 8 days I have attended 9 soccer games, 1 football game, 1 jet boat trip, 2 Bible studies, 1 mamas’ night out, 1 slip and slide event, baby sat a little baby for two days, and took children to 9 different soccer practices…oh, the children also got all their individual school done for the week. We won’t talk about how many loads of laundry or sinks full of dishes I have washed. Oh yes, I also canned tomato sauce and my hubby helped me make three canner-loads of pickles…

Not exactly slowing down, is it? Yeah, I think it’s easy to say that my attempts at slowing down face planted this week…


Not that I feel like I completely failed at being present. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the children play soccer. The joy of my kids’ faces during the jet boat trip was treasured in my heart. I’m thankful for the times spent with friends and family and the meaningful conversations that I was able to squeeze in with my husband. But I feel like this week missed some important things:

I didn’t get a lot of quiet down time at home, and neither did most of my children. I didn’t get any time to spend with my earthly father (whose health is failing). I know I could have spent more time with my Heavenly Father, too. I felt like I was rushing the children from one thing to the next thing way too often.

Time to stop and take a breath and try again.


Mamas, we all know that face planting is a part of life. If anyone has ever raised a toddler, they know this is 100% true. And they also know that every fall is an opportunity to learn. So I’m not going to beat myself up about my mistakes and I’m not going to live in guilt and worry because I haven’t done it right this past week. 

I’m going to slow down and breathe deeply. I’m going to pray for God to keep making this new thing that He is working inside of me. And I’m going to try again!

Praying a blessed week for you, Mamas! 


P.S. I found that the book that I’ve been reading can be listened to for free on YouTube! Here’s the link: Present Over Perfect


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